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Find an NLP Trainer

Congratulations on your intention to learn NLP. Finding an NLP Trainer that is a member of an Association recognised by the NLP Global Body is the first step. 

Each Association has its own requirements for duration, delivery, and content. For specific requirements, please visit the Association you are interested in.

NLP Global Body Trainer Listing

Here can search for a trainer based on: Association, Trainers Name,  Training Location or Training Level. 

Simply type your requirement in the search box below.

Association NameTraining LocationsTraining Levels Website
NLP Association of AustraliaDr. Heidi Heron Australia, Singapore, United States, Malaysia, New Zealand, OnlinePractitioner, Master Practitioner,
Meta InternationalAndrea FrausinItalyPractitioner
ISNSDr. L. Michael HallUnited States, Canada, Australia, Japan, EgyptTrainer
European Association of NLPMaria KanderakiGreecePractitioner, Master
Institute for Business NLPPeter FreethUnited KingdomPractitioner, Master Practitioner,
Institute for Holistic NLPPeter FreethUnited KingdomPractitioner, Master Practitioner,