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The NLP Global Body 

NLP Without Borders
One Voice for the Field of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Our Mission Is to Connect NLP Associations around the world to a standard level of professionalism, ethics and cooperation

Since the inception of Neuro Linguistic Programming there has not been one overarching regulating body of training and ethical standards, but there has been a common core of minimum standards that are largely agreed upon. Starting with discussions in 2018, the idea for the NLP Global Body was born to unite the various Associations in the world who do uphold these standards and connect the world of NLP through standards, professionalism, ethics and cooperation.  

The NLP Global Body is now an independent, incorporated organisation made up of NLP Associations throughout the world that have agreed to work together to collaborate and create more credibility for the field of NLP. Ultimately, the NLP Global Body is ultimately a Fellowship of Associations, united by a common desire for maintaining an acceptable high level of minimum training standards , ethics and promotion of NLP throughout the world. 

NLP Global Body Associations 

To be guaranteed your training is recognised by the Top NLP Associations, be sure to look for one of these Association Logos on the trainers website.

  • A fellowship of NLP Associations under an umbrella of standards
  • The voice(s) of NLP to the world
  • Global Body logo is recogniseable as the brand for Quality Assured training
  • Marketing efforts will be made to re-establish credibility for NLP and NLP Training
  • Home for NLP Associations
  • The Library of NLP research and knowledge
  • The Who’s Who of NLP listings (research, PhD, education, business, coaching, etc)
  • A global database of all NLP Trainers belonging to the various Associations
  • Run by representatives from the various Associations

The following standards have been agreed upon by the NLP Associations to constitute the Minimum Training Standards requied globally for NLP Certification, meaning no training less than these standards will recognised as NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer Certification. Each Association manages their own standards, membership and guidelines.

Please note: many of the global associations require higher standards than minimum training standards for their membership dependent on their own rules, areas of competence, government requirements, focus of operendi and  standards.  Recognition by one Association with higher standards does not constitute recognition from another Association. (For example, an association that requires 18 days for NLP Practitioner Certification may not recognise a 7 day NLP training for their membership requirements).


NLP Practitioner Certification NLP Master Practitioner Certification NLP Trainer Certification
  • Minimum of 120 total training hours
  • At least 7 days (50 hours) of in-person, face-to-face, classroom or online based training.
  • Minimum of 120 total training hours
  • At least 9 days (80 hours) of in-person, face-to-face, classroom or online based  training
  • Minimum of 120 total training hours
  • At least 14 days (110 hours) of in-person, face-to-face, classroom based  training.

The NLP Global Body desires to work with Associations that have been created to support NLP Members, educate members of the public about quality NLP Training and maintains and enforces minimimum training standards and ethics. There are a few NLP Associations which are marketing companies for a specific brand of training or trainer; they lack training standards, ethical guidelines and membership requirements. 

To be recognised as an NLP Association by the NLP Global Body the followign criteria must be met: 

  • Is the Association Independent from a specific trainer or training school?
  • Is the Association inclusive in attitude and collaboration with other associations?
  • Does the Association not provide NLP Training?
  • Is the Association governed by a Constitution/Rules/Bilaws?
  • Is there a Code of Ethics?
  • Is there a conflict resolution process?
  • Is there a process for vetting and renewing Trainer Members?
  • Agree to belong to and abide by the Global Body initiatives?
  • Abide by local/national laws?
  • Does the standards of training for NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainers meet the minimum content and time requirements* in order for the students to achieve competence standards.

The following associations are a part of the NLP Global Body, please connect directly with the associations to find a Trainer, Practitioner, or their own training standards.

Association of NLP Location  Website
Croatian Association of NLP HANLP Croatia
Dutch Association of NLP NVNLP Netherlands
European Board of NLP EBNLP Europe
French Federation of NLP NLPNL France
International Business NLP Association IBNLPA Global
International Health NLP Association IHNLPA Global
International Society of Neuro-Semantics ISNS Global
Israeli NLP Assocation INLPA Isreal
Meta International Meta Int. Europe + Global
NLP Association of Australia NLPAA Australia
Society International for Coaches of NLP SICPNL Global
World NLP Council WNLPC Brazil + Global



Gold Standard Training

Yes! There are standards in NLP Training. All of the Association Member of the Global Body uphold the minimum international requirements for NLP Training. 


Professional & Ethical

Professionalism and Ethics are important to us. All Association Members have a Code of Ethics they require their members to follow in a professional and ecological manner. 


NLP Research

The NLP Global Body provides a link to various research in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming.